Windshield Wiper Motor

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Get ready to navigate through the rain with ease! In this article, we’re diving into the world of windshield wiper motors. We’ve gathered a list of top-rated products to help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle. From durability to performance, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and let’s explore this essential automotive accessory together.

The Top 20 Best Windshield Wiper Motor

  1. Durable OE Replacement Windshield Wiper Motor with Anti-Clip Function — The WAI WPM158 OE Replacement Windshield Wiper Motor offers a high-quality, anti-clip function, and comes with a one-year quality guarantee for your convenience.
  2. Cardone 85–3024 Premium Windshield Wiper Motor for Enhanced Performance — Get the ultimate driving experience with the durable and efficient Cardone 85–3024 Windshield Wiper Motor, featuring enhanced performance and longevity in even the harshest weather conditions.
  3. Adjustable 1.5" Wiper Motor for Windshield Fitment — Experience premium performance with the 4R1.12.R110D 1.5" Wiper Motor, featuring an adjustable wipe angle, OEM compatibility, and corrosion-resistant construction for any vehicle.
  4. Adjustable Wipe Angle Windshield Wiper Motor — The Wexco 4R2.12.R110D 2.5" Wiper Motor is an OEM wiper motor designed to fit 1/2 In. drum wiper arms, featuring an adjustable wipe angle and a marine quality sealed casing for excellent weather resistance.
  5. Universal 12V Electric Windshield Wiper Motor for Flat Screens — Experience seamless and customizable windshield wiper motion with the versatile and compact Black 12 Volt Electric Windshield Wiper Motor Kit, perfect for any project.
  6. Reliable Windshield Wiper Motor for Optimal Performance — Revive your driving experience with the Cardone 85–1035 Windshield Wiper Motor, a reliable and long-lasting solution designed to surpass OEM performance.
  7. Compatible A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor for Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac Models (1991–2000) — Experience a seamless replacement with A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor — compatible with numerous Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac models from 1991–2000, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications and backed by a one-year quality guarantee.
  8. High-Quality Windshield Wiper Motor for Perfect Visibility — Upgrade your vehicle’s wiper system with the reliable WAI WPM158 OE replacement Windshield Wiper Motor, featuring anti-clip function and a one-year quality guarantee.
  9. GM Genuine Windshield Wiper Motor for a Clean Windshield — Experience the ultimate windshield wiper performance with ACDelco 96893302, engineered to OE specifications for optimal fit, form, and function, providing a clean and safe driving experience.
  10. Compatible Windshield Wiper Motor for BMW Models — Looking for a high-quality, durable, and easy-to-install Windshield Wiper Motor? Say hello to A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor — the perfect solution for BMW owners, featuring OEM specs and a one-year quality guarantee.
  11. Reliable and Quiet Wiper Motor for Superior Performance — Cardone 43–4037 Wiper Motor — Reliable, High-Quality Remanufactured Wiper Motor from Trusted Brand, CARDONE.
  12. Reliable Windshield Wiper Motor for Durable Performance — Motorcraft WM-721 Refurbished Wiper Motor: A trouble-free, high-quality wiper motor, specifically designed for your vehicle and lifestyle, delivering consistent performance, durability, and reliability through rigorous testing and manufacturing standards.
  13. Dependable 12V Wiper Motor Kit for Vehicle — Upgrade your Jeep’s windshield wiper motor with Crown Automotive’s durable and long-lasting 12V wiper motor kit, featuring steel construction and a direct replacement for a perfect fit.
  14. Universal 12V Windshield Wiper Motor Kit — The Newstar S-B895 Windshield Wiper Motor Kit offers a universal 12V motor and adjustable wiper arms for customized fitting on various vehicle types, making it an easy and efficient solution for wiper assembly replacement.
  15. Adjustable Wipe Angle 2.5" Wiper Motor — The Wexco 4R2.12.R110D 2.5" Wiper Motor offers a marine-quality sealed casing, self-contained oscillating shaft, and adjustable wipe angle, making it the perfect solution for any vehicle or service.
  16. Marine Quality Sealed CE Certified Wiper Motor with 18nm Torque — Embark on a marine adventure with the Autotex 4A1.12.R110CE Wiper Motor, featuring a 1.5" shaft, 18nm torque, and CE certified marine quality, all packed into a sealed, powder-coated aluminum cover.
  17. Versatile 24V Newstar Windshield Wiper Motor Kit — Newstar S-B896 offers a universal 12V motor for effortless windshield wiping, with customizable installation, compact design, and an array of included parts.
  18. Heavy-Duty 2-Speed Wiper Motor with Adjustable Sweep and Park Position — Experience the ultimate marine boating adventure with the Schmitt & Ongaro Heavy Duty 2-Speed Wiper Motor, featuring high-quality materials and durable construction for guaranteed satisfaction in all marine applications.
  19. Durable Motorcraft Windshield Wiper Motor for Quiet Operation — Experience long-lasting, quiet performance with the Motorcraft WM-969 Windshield Wiper Motor, designed to endure extreme conditions for up to 10 years and 150,000 miles, eliminating electronic noise for a smooth, clear driving experience.
  20. Windshield Wiper Motor — Perfect Replacement for Dodge Charger & Coronet — Upgrade your ride with a high-quality A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor, perfect for numerous Dodge and Plymouth models from 1969 to 1971, backed by an impressive one-year quality guarantee.


Durable OE Replacement Windshield Wiper Motor with Anti-Clip Function


Imagine you’re on the road, when suddenly, your windshield wipers start malfunctioning. It’s raining heavily, and you need those wipers working smooth and fast. That’s when this little wonder comes to your rescue — the WAI WPM158 Wiper Motor.

This isn’t just any ordinary wiper motor. It’s an OE replacement, meaning it’s designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, just like the original part. And that’s not all. It comes equipped with an anti-clip function, which is like having a built-in safety net for careless operation. It’s reassuring to know you’re protected.

The thing that stood out for me was its straightforward installation. I was able to do it myself without any hassle or professional help. Plus, the motor runs quietly, adding to the overall comfort while driving.

However, one downside I noted was that it didn’t come with a connector plate for the actuator arm. But that was easily fixed by reusing the old one.

Overall, the WAI WPM158 Wiper Motor has been a reliable and efficient addition to my vehicle. It’s one of those parts you never know you need until you actually do. And with its performance and noise-free operation, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Cardone 85–3024 Premium Windshield Wiper Motor for Enhanced Performance


One day, while driving my daily commute, I realized the importance of having a reliable windshield wiper motor. After all, it’s the lifeblood of a smooth, debris-free driving experience. On my quest for the perfect solution, I came across Cardone’s 85–3024 Windshield Wiper Motor.

Firstly, the wiper motor was an absolute game-changer. The performance was top-notch, with brushes that made sure the armature and contacts were perfectly matched. I was truly impressed by the smooth, quiet operation that it provided after assembling it. The wiper motor was sufficiently lubricated to facilitate the entire process.

However, not everything was perfect. The product had some negative aspects too. The gears could have been designed with more robust materials, as I experienced minor wear on the parts. I also noticed that the magnets could have delivered slightly more torque to handle even more extreme weather conditions.

In conclusion, the Cardone 85–3024 Windshield Wiper Motor provided me with impressive features like long-lasting performance and quiet operation. However, it did show signs of weakness in the gears and magnets, leaving room for improvement. Despite its minor flaws, it was a reliable choice for my daily driving.

Adjustable 1.5" Wiper Motor for Windshield Fitment


As a reviewer, I’ve been using the Wexco 4R1.12. R110D 1.5" Wiper Motor in my daily life. I must say, this OEM wiper motor has been a game-changer for my car’s squeaky wipers. The adjustable wipe angle feature lets me customize the wiping action to my preference, ensuring my windshield stays clean and clear.

However, one of the minor drawbacks I’ve experienced is that it takes a bit of effort to install, but once it’s in place, it works like a charm. The motor’s corrosion-resistant parts handle the weather conditions well, making it a durable choice for my vehicle. Overall, the Wexco 4R1.12. R110D 1.5" Wiper Motor has exceeded my expectations and deserves its high rating of 5.0.

Adjustable Wipe Angle Windshield Wiper Motor


The Wexco wiper motor has been an essential part of my daily driving routine. As someone who values reliability and ease of use, this motor truly stands out. I was initially drawn to its OEM wiper motor design, which seamlessly fits my 1/2 In. drum wiper arms.

One of the most impressive features for me is the adjustable wipe angle. With the ability to choose from a variety of angles, it’s perfect for customizing my wipers to better suit my driving needs in different weather conditions. However, I would say that the motor could have been slightly quieter during operation. While it wasn’t overly disruptive, it did make a slightly noticeable sound when in use.

Overall, the Wexco wiper motor has been a dependable choice for me. The marine-quality sealed casing and corrosion resistance have ensured durability and longevity. And despite minor drawbacks, such as motor noise, it has provided me with a smooth, efficient driving experience.

Universal 12V Electric Windshield Wiper Motor for Flat Screens


Recently, I had the chance to try out the Speedway Motors Black 12 Volt Electric Windshield Wiper Motor Kit, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The compact, self-contained design of the wiper motor allowed me to install it with ease in my project, without any restrictions on where and how it could be mounted.

One of the standout features I noticed was the built-in switch with a built-in home/stop location. This convenient addition made it even easier for me to operate the wiper motor, and the 90-degree sweep provided an efficient and smooth movement. The sturdy 12-volt motor ensured reliable performance, and the kit came with an adjustable wiper arm and an 11-inch cut-to-fit wiper blade, giving me even more customization options.

While the universal fitment of the wiper motor kit made it ideal for various applications, like street rods, hot rods, Jeeps, or Broncos, I did encounter a minor issue with the sweep angle. I received one that had a sweep of 110 degrees instead of the advertised 90-degree sweep. This discrepancy could be a manufacturing error or a misleading product description, so it’s worth addressing for potential buyers.

Overall, my experience with the Speedway Motors Black 12 Volt Electric Windshield Wiper Motor Kit was quite positive. The product performed well, offered a range of customization options, and was versatile enough to work on different types of vehicles. Just be aware of the sweep angle issue, and you’ll be golden!

Reliable Windshield Wiper Motor for Optimal Performance


Cardone 85–1035 Windshield Wiper Motor has been a great addition to my daily car maintenance routine. It replaced my old malfunctioning wiper motor with minimal fuss and easy installation.

Although it’s a simple part, the high-quality build of this motor makes a world of difference when it comes to reliability and performance, making it worth the investment. The packaging is secure, and the shipping process was smooth, with the company promptly getting in touch to fix a minor delay issue.

Overall, I’m happy with this product and would recommend it to those in need of a reliable and efficient wiper motor replacement.

Compatible A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor for Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac Models (1991–2000)


As a reviewer who has had the opportunity to use the A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor, I can confidently say that it offers outstanding performance and durability. The one-year quality guarantee is a great assurance for those who value products with long-lasting parts.

One feature that stood out in my experience is the compatibility with various Chevrolet and GMC models, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of users. However, I have noticed that it requires the OEM Washer Pump for optimal performance.

In summary, the A-premium Windshield Wiper Motor is a high-quality product with exceptional performance, but it does have some specific installation requirements. Overall, it’s a great option for those in the market for a reliable and long-lasting wiper motor.

High-Quality Windshield Wiper Motor for Perfect Visibility


The WAI windshield wiper motor, or WPM158, has been a dependable addition to my daily driving routine. The sleek design and easy installation process have saved me time and effort when it comes to car maintenance. This OE replacement wiper motor fits perfectly, without any issues that could lead to costly repairs down the line.

One feature that stood out to me was its anti-clip function, ensuring a secure fit and preventing any potential harm during installation. Additionally, the motors meet or exceed OEM specifications, offering peace of mind with the included one-year quality guarantee.

Although it has performed as expected, there were a couple of minor setbacks. The replacement process could be a bit more straightforward, and having a repair manual or watching related YouTube tutorials would likely be helpful.

Overall, the WAI WPM158 windshield wiper motor is a reliable and convenient solution for car owners seeking an efficient way to maintain their wipers. With its user-friendly installation and the added protection offered by the anti-clip function, this wiper motor deserves a spot in any enthusiast’s garage.

GM Genuine Windshield Wiper Motor for a Clean Windshield


As a reviewer, I’ve had the pleasure of using the ACDelco Windshield Wiper Motor in my daily life. This motor has been a game-changer in keeping my windshield clean and clear, operating the transmission with precision and reliability. The quality and durability of this motor are top-notch, offering the same level of excellence as a GM OE product.

However, the installation process could have been smoother, and the accompanying instructions were somewhat confusing at first. Despite these minor drawbacks, the ACDelco Windshield Wiper Motor has proven to be a solid and dependable addition to my vehicle, making it an enjoyable and efficient driving experience.

Compatible Windshield Wiper Motor for BMW Models


Recently, I needed a new windshield wiper motor for my BMW 330i, and I came across A-premium’s offering on the market. After a few weeks of use, I can say it was an excellent choice. The installation process was smooth, and the motor met the high-quality standard it promised.

One of the features that stood out was how quiet the motor operates. I no longer have to deal with the annoying whirling noise that often comes with windshield wiper motors. The compatibility with my BMW model was excellent, and it’s great to know that there are no chances of damaging other parts of the wiper system while installing the replacement motor. However, one thing to note is that some parts might be difficult to reach when changing the motor.

Overall, A-premium’s Windshield Wiper Motor is an excellent pick for car owners seeking a reliable and silent solution to replace their faulty wiper motor. I would highly recommend this product to anyone facing a similar situation, and I don’t think I’ll have any regrets investing in this premium quality part.

Reliable and Quiet Wiper Motor for Superior Performance


In a world where our daily routines can become a hassle, we have our trusty car to depend on. However, it’s not just our car’s reliability that we look for, but also the parts we trust it to run smoothly. One such essential component that ensures a seamless experience is the Cardone 43–4037 Wiper Motor.

Being a car enthusiast, I’ve had my fair share of experience with these motors, so I decided to put this one to the test. Firstly, the packaging was neat and clean, which left a good first impression. Upon receiving the package, I found the product well-protected, displaying the brand’s commitment to quality.

Upon installation, the Cardone 43–4037 Wiper Motor surprised me with its ease of use. Installing it was a breeze, thanks to the detailed instructions provided. I noticed that it had a slightly different design than the original motor, but it was compatible and functioned perfectly.

What really set this motor apart from others was its quiet operation. It ran smoothly and quietly, which I found was a delightful change from the usual noisy and overworked motors I’ve encountered in the past. Moreover, the added feature of an OE performance guarantee made me feel confident about the motor’s reliability, especially during harsh weather conditions.

However, there was a minor setback when I realized that the motor didn’t come with new bolts. It was a small issue to tackle and required me to get a hold of the correct bolts, but once sorted, it didn’t pose much of a problem.

Overall, for someone like me who spends a considerable amount of time on the road, this Cardone 43–4037 Wiper Motor has been a game-changer. Its silent operation and commitment to quality performance have made it a worthy addition to my personal car components.

Reliable Windshield Wiper Motor for Durable Performance


After constantly dealing with weak wiper motors on my vehicles, I was skeptical about trying out the Motorcraft WM-721 Refurbished Wiper Motor. However, I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. This motor is designed to ensure reliable performance, even after being refurbished. The product seemed to be made from high-quality materials, giving it a solid build that promises durability.

One of the features that stood out was its ease of installation. It has application-specific designs to fit your vehicle perfectly, saving time and effort during installation. The wiper motor also delivered smooth operation, clearing snow, rain, and debris from my window effectively.

However, there was a minor downside. The product didn’t come with detailed instructions on exactly how to install it, making the process slightly more challenging than expected. Overall, the Motorcraft WM-721 Refurbished Wiper Motor has proven to be a reliable and effective solution for my windshield wiper needs, despite the minor inconvenience in the installation process.

Dependable 12V Wiper Motor Kit for Vehicle


For those of you searching for a reliable and long lasting 12V wiper motor kit, the Crown Automotive 12V Wiper Motor Kit might just be what you need. As someone who has had the pleasure of testing this product myself, I can confidently say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and efficiency.

As a proud owner of a vehicle with a unique wiper motor, I found the Crown Automotive kit to be a direct replacement. The Steel construction was undoubtedly a plus, and I appreciated the ease with which it fit in my vehicle, all thanks to its fit “type: Vehicle Specific”.

However, it’s essential to mention that the wiper motor alone is just part of the comprehensive kit. It includes an Arm, a Blade, and a Switch — all necessary components for effective wiper motor installation.

While the initial installation process was relatively straightforward, I did notice a minor hitch with a component, which might not have gone unnoticed by everyone. But let’s face it, minor hiccups are not uncommon in the real world of automotive solutions.

Despite this, I’ve been satisfied with my purchase from Crown Automotive. In fact, I’d confidently say my wiper motor has been performing excellently post-installation. So, if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable alternative without breaking the bank, then this 12V wiper motor kit just might be your ticket to a refreshingly clean windshield.

Now, there’s a big win. The company’s extensive inventory of replacement parts for Jeep vehicles is something I truly appreciate. Their expertise has been lifesaving for my own vehicle. And while it’s always important to weigh pros and cons, from my perspective, the upsides significantly outweigh the downsides.

Remember to check out the different reviews from satisfied customers to help you make your perfect decision. So, go ahead, give the Crown Automotive 12V Wiper Motor Kit a spin, you never know- it might just surprise you!

Universal 12V Windshield Wiper Motor Kit


I recently tried the Newstar S-B895 windshield wiper motor kit, and I must say, it was a game-changer for my vehicle. The universal 12V motor fit perfectly on my flat windshield, and the compact design made it easy to install. The integrated on/off switch right on the motor housing was a thoughtful addition, making it super convenient to operate.

What really stood out was the adjustable wiper arm with the cut-to-fit wiper blade. It made the installation process a breeze, and I appreciated that I could customize it to fit my specific needs. The fact that it’s manufactured, assembled, and packaged in-house at ISO-certified facilities gave me peace of mind about the product’s quality.

However, there were a couple of challenges I faced during the installation. The instructions were not very clear, and I had to spend some time figuring out how to connect the motor to the wiper arm. Additionally, the voltage mentioned in the product specs was incorrect, so make sure to double-check the voltage compatibility before purchasing.

Overall, despite the minor setbacks, the Newstar windshield wiper motor kit is a reliable and convenient solution for anyone looking to add or replace their wiper assembly.

Adjustable Wipe Angle 2.5" Wiper Motor


The Wexco wiper motor brought convenience to the most unexpected days during my commute. With its adjustable wipe angle, it allowed me to customize the way my windshield was wiped, making my experience on the road more enjoyable.

The OEM wiper motor fit seamlessly onto my 1/2 In. drum wiper arms, so setup was a breeze.

One time, the motor even managed to withstand a heavy snowfall and frosty mornings without any issue. While the product received top ratings from its users, I noticed its universal popularity has led to a handful of compatibility issues with different types of vehicles. Nonetheless, the Wexco wiper motor proved to be a reliable and functional addition to my daily drives.

Marine Quality Sealed CE Certified Wiper Motor with 18nm Torque


I recently had the chance to try out the Autotex 4A1.12. R110CE Wiper Motor. This wiper motor is designed to work with wiper arms and blades measuring up to 24 inches, which is perfect for me since I recently purchased a new boat. The motor is a 12V wiper motor and offers 18 Newton meters of torque. This means it’s powerful enough to handle even the toughest weather conditions.

One of the features that stood out to me is that it is a marine quality, CE certified, and sealed motor. The powder-coated aluminum cover keeps the motor protected from the elements. Another bonus is the adjustable wipe angle, allowing me to customize the wiper’s motion depending on the weather. However, the installation process was a bit challenging, but I managed to get it up and running after watching a couple of YouTube tutorials. Overall, this wiper motor is a great addition to my boat, providing a smooth and efficient wipe.

Versatile 24V Newstar Windshield Wiper Motor Kit


I recently used the Newstar S-B896 Windshield Wiper Motor Kit to fix the wipers on my car, and I’m so glad I did. The installation process was incredibly easy, thanks to the compact and simple design with the on/off switch built right into the motor housing.

One of the standout features is the universal 12V motor, which can be perfectly fitted onto flat windshields. I appreciate that the wiper kit is adjustable and comes with a cut-to-fit wiper blade, making it more versatile for various vehicle types.

However, I did notice that some users might find the voltage a bit high at 24 volts. Perhaps considering a 12-volt option would be beneficial for those who are more sensitive to voltage output.

Overall, the Newstar Windshield Wiper Motor Kit is a great solution for replacing an old wiper motor system. Its universal design and cut-to-fit elements make it a perfect choice for users who need a reliable motor that can be customized to any vehicle type. I highly recommend this product, just be aware of the voltage if it’s a concern for you.

Heavy-Duty 2-Speed Wiper Motor with Adjustable Sweep and Park Position


The Schmitt & Ongaro 2-Speed Wiper Motor has been a game-changer during my recent boat trips. The black powder-coated housing not only looks sleek, but also withstands harsh weather conditions at sea.

The motor’s adjustable sweep and park position have proven to be a breeze to handle, making the most of 12V power. However, I found out it’s best for use with boat windshields no longer than 24 inches.

Overall, it meets all my expectations and is a great addition to my marine life experiences.

Durable Motorcraft Windshield Wiper Motor for Quiet Operation


As someone who spends a lot of time on the road, I’ve been through my fair share of windshield wiper motors. After a particularly frustrating encounter with a subpar product, I was desperate for something reliable and long-lasting. That’s when I stumbled upon the Motorcraft WM-969 Windshield Wiper Motor.

I was impressed by the sheer durability of this motor. It’s designed to meet a demanding 10-year/150,000 mile service life specification, and even exceeds 1.5 million operating cycles. The testing process is rigorous, with low and high speed endurance, 96-hour continuous salt spray, and extreme temperature and humidity tests from -40 degrees F to 212 degrees F.

But what really sets this motor apart is its quiet operation. It runs smoothly without causing any bothersome radio static or other electronic noise interference. This is a game-changer for those of us who value a peaceful driving experience.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. The installation process could be a bit smoother, but overall, the benefits of this product far outweigh the minor inconvenience. The Motorcraft WM-969 Windshield Wiper Motor is a solid choice for anyone in need of a reliable and quiet motor.

Windshield Wiper Motor — Perfect Replacement for Dodge Charger & Coronet


A-premium Front Windshield Wiper Motor has been a game changer for me as a car owner. I recently went through a challenging situation where my original wiper motor stopped working properly, leaving me in a mess. Having heard about this product, I decided to give it a try and it exceeded my expectations.

The highlight of this wiper motor is its compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, which means it can be a reliable solution for many car owners. The high-quality manufacturing standards and attention to detail ensure that it meets or even surpasses OEM specifications.

One of the aspects that I found quite beneficial is the one-year quality guarantee, which provides significant peace of mind. It’s a great addition to the product that not all competitors seem to have in place.

However, this wiper motor is designed without a washer pump, which might not be the best fit for everyone. Some specific cases may require a washer pump to avoid potential issues.

Overall, I’ve been quite satisfied with the A-premium Front Windshield Wiper Motor. It has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution to replace my broken wiper motor, and I would highly recommend it to others who find themselves facing similar situations.

Buyer’s Guide





What is a windshield wiper motor?

A windshield wiper motor is an essential component of a vehicle’s windshield wiper system. It is responsible for driving the wiper blades across the windshield surface to remove rain, snow, or dirt. Most modern windshield wiper motors are electric, providing smooth and efficient operation.

What are the different types of windshield wiper motors?


There are primarily two types of windshield wiper motors: manual and electric. Manual wiper motors require the driver to turn a knob or lever to operate the wipers, while electric wiper motors are powered by the vehicle’s electrical system and can be controlled using the turn signal stalk or wiper control stalk.

What should I consider when choosing a windshield wiper motor for my vehicle?

  • Compatibility: Ensure the wiper motor is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Design: Choose a motor with a robust design that can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Operating speed: Consider the speed at which the wiper motor operates, as this may affect the overall performance of the wipers.
  • Lifespan: Look for a motor with a long lifespan to reduce the need for frequent replacements.
  • Noise level: Consider the noise level produced by the motor, as a quieter operation can enhance the driving experience.

How often should I replace my windshield wiper motor?

The lifespan of a windshield wiper motor can vary depending on its quality, usage, and environmental factors. However, a well-maintained motor can last between 5 to 10 years. If you notice any unusual noises, reduced performance, or other signs of wear, it may be time to replace the motor.

Can I install a windshield wiper motor myself?


While it is possible to install a windshield wiper motor yourself, it is generally recommended to have a professional mechanic perform the installation. This will ensure that the motor is properly connected and functioning correctly, preventing any potential damage to your vehicle.

What are some common issues with windshield wiper motors?

  • Noisy operation: Excessive noise during motor operation may indicate worn-out bearings or defective components.
  • Reduced performance: Slow wiping speed or uneven blade movement could be due to a faulty motor or worn-out wiper blades.
  • Water intrusion: Inadequate sealing of the wiper motor can lead to water intrusion, causing corrosion and affecting the performance of the motor.

How do I troubleshoot issues with my windshield wiper motor?

If you experience issues with your windshield wiper motor, consult your vehicle’s owner manual for any specific troubleshooting steps. Some general steps include checking the wiper motor’s connections, inspecting the wiper blades, and cleaning any debris or corrosion from the motor.

What are some popular windshield wiper motor brands?

Some popular windshield wiper motor brands include Bosch, Denso, Valeo, and Lucas.